Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Carrying Out my GAME Plan

In order to carry out my GAME plan in the area of designing and developing digital-age learning experiences and assessments would be through trainings and literature.  I would like to read articles as to how to use certain types of technologies and how to incorporate it into my math class.  I would also utilize trainings to help train me in using the technology.  For instance, I would like to be trained as to how to use an active board or a Mimeo that my school has.  I feel I would be able to use technology to help design and develop learning experiences.  I still have a sense of anxiety with some technology.  I believe it is learning the unknown and wanting to use technology to the best of my ability.  I will also ask colleagues that use various types of technologies and how they utilize it in the classroom.  This will help me to gain insight as to how the use of technology can have an impact on student achievement.  Some additional information I would need would be trainings as to how to use certain types of technology tools.  I would use “how to” manuals that the school has and turn to research as to how to incorporate this technology in my class.  The steps I have done thus far have been to receive a more up to date LCD projector that is more user friendly and efficient in the classroom.  I have also consulted with colleagues as to how they created certain digital learning tools.  I hope to consult more with colleagues to gain advice and information on certain learning tools they use.

The second area I would like to carry out is in the area to promote digital citizenship and responsibility.  In order for me to truly understand and feel comfortable in this area would be to read articles and converse with my school technical support teacher. By reading articles, I would be able to learn the legal aspect of good behavior with technology.  With technology forever changing, it is important to keep up to date with all of the changes to keep current on digital ethical and legal behaviors.  I would also gain insight from my local school technology coordinator.  He will be able to share protocols specific to the county and school in the areas of ethical and legal behaviors to promote digital citizenship and responsibility.  Additional information I would need would to be to have a printout with the exact county protocols with the use of technology.  I would also need to research Georgia, county, and school policies with the use of technology in order to teach my students the correct protocols in using technology.  The steps I have taken so far have been to attend a workshop with the technology department as to what the students can and cannot do with technology.  I was also shown examples as to how students can successfully and legally acquire resources to place in a project.  With the help of the technology support staff, I can be able to successfully promote and model digital citizenship and responsibility.   


  1. Todd to Malissa -

    You have some great ideas working within realistic goals. I also have the goal of improving digital citizenship with my students, and I am glad that you have shared some ideas about how you intend to meet your goals. I chose to follow the lead of the language arts teachers, mainly because I see them already using citations and references as part of their writing exercises. You are reaching out beyond the walls of your school to the county and state to incorporate their protocols, which is a great idea. I had not thought of that course of action.

    I am also a little jealous that you have a technology coordinator, and it seems like it is their responsibility to keep up on the latest and greatest trends and pitfalls in the ever-changing world of technology in our schools. In our school district, we are trailing so far behind when it comes to the correct regulations and rules regarding technology. It seems like an everyday occruance in our school that something happens that was not foreseen by the administration and school board, so the teachers do not have a clear course of action. Once the event occurs, then there has to be all sorts of reviews and procedures in order to put the new rule in place. It is kind of like shutting the barn door after the cows have already escaped. I can only hope that the events are not so terrible, and we teachers do not get caught in a mess.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Todd Deschaine

  2. Chris to Malissa:
    Hey, do you have access to an Instructional technology Specialist? I serve as the ITS for my three schools in my county, and it is my job to specifically train teachers to integrate technology within their classroom. There should be someone within your county that can train you with the technology that is in your room. You can also find resources either on Youtube or TeacherTube, or just do a quick Google search for the technology you want to learn. I am not sure what software supports an Active Board. In my county we use SMART Boards with Notebook software. There are tons of pre-made interactive Notebook lessons available on the Internet, so there are probably pre-make Active Board lessons available too. I would do a quick Internet search and see what is out there to use, so that you do not have to re-create something that is already made.

    Digital citizenship and responsibility is a good goal for any school to adopt. There are many schools that either do not enforce policy or do not have a well-defined policy, and as a result the students get mixed messages about what is expected from them. We need to teach our students responsible use of the Internet and the counties need to have a centralized policy that pertains to the students and staff. One of my goals is to help develop a central policy for the county that will apply to all students pre-12. Different grade levels have different needs and requirements, so it is difficult to draft a policy that pertains to all the students and staff.

  3. Tracy to Malissa:

    I can certainly relate to your feelings of anxiety when implementing new technological tools. We often hear about the success stories of certain classrooms and school systems who are effectively implementing ceratain types of technology, but I am also aware of some who make unsuccessful attempts as well. It is extremely important to make sure we have "our ducks in a row" before we try to use strategies we are unfamiliar or uncomfortable using. I think you have a good plan because you understand the importance of training that is required to make you effective.

    I also commend you in your efforts to improve in the area of promoting digital citizenship and responsibilty. Learning local and state protocols is an essential step in beginning that process, and is something that should be a requirement at every school system.